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Learn About J. Pritchard Apparel

We pay homage to the heritage of pickleball through functional fits that are sporting on and off the court. Our designer tailoring and high-end fabrics are curated for timeless looks that feel amazing and keep up with your game.

Made to Play Every Day

At J. Pritchard, we believe that comfort, quality, and timeless design are essential for feeling your best whether you’re on the court or socializing with friends after the game. We offer the performance you expect from high-end activewear combined with transitional garments that match up with your busy lifestyle. Make the most of your everyday with heritage styles that exude confidence and classic luxury.

  • Who is J. Pritchard?

    Joel Pritchard was a successful delegate to the Republican National Convention and a two-term Governor. Even so, it was his invention of pickleball which he felt was his most enduring legacy. A sportsman since grade school, he carried on his athletic lifestyle into adulthood. He continued to play badminton, squash, tennis, skiing, and golf amongst other activities. In 1965, he created pickleball at his summer home on Bainbridge Island, Washington when his children complained they had nothing to do.His wife, Joan Pritchard, is credited with naming the sport pickleball. We dedicate our namesake, J. Pritchard, to both of these exceptional individuals who started it all.

  • About Us

    Pickleball is a social and friendly game inspired by a combination of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton. Players use a paddle to serve up a plastic perforated ball over a net on a badminton-size court. Although easy for beginners, it can quickly become a competitive game for more experienced players. Because it is relatively simple to pick up, it is suitable for kids and more mature players who want to have fun.

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  • Pickleball Journal

    Immerse yourself in pickleball’s rich history. Get behind-the-scenes access to private courts. Browse must-try cocktail recipes for after-game socializing. The Pickleball Journal is your one-stop destination for keeping up with all aspects of the sport and related interests. Learn interesting facts about pickleball to bring up to your next after-game get-together.

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